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Portfolios’ overview July and Funds closing down

Posted by ralemanno on July 23, 2011

Dear all here we are again after several months of inactivity due to workload issues. I apologize for the gap between posts.

First of all let’s have a look to the fund’s performances:

The world indexes have performed bad in the last months due to Debts crisis in Europe and in US and bad performances and outlook for China industries. These of course are not an excuse for our bad performances: 3 out of the 5 funds failed to beat the benchmarks. Aggressive ETF and Equity HF have been a total disaster.

A lot of errors have been done in these cases and we will keep this as a good example of how not manage portfolios. Abundantia Aggressive wanted to use technical analysis and Country arbitrage in order to beat the markets and outperform them in every conditions. We fail to deliver these results. I think the techniques and the ideas behind this portfolios were good but the time that I have dedicated to implement them was not enough. You can measure it looking at the amount of posts I have published in last months… Active trading demands to be highly present on the markets and dedicate huge amount of time to this activity. Do not to is you cannot allow at least 2 hours per day every day… Otherwise here you have the results!!!

About Abundantia HF we tried to make only ‘mathematics’ choices regarding stock picking, without any further / deep analysis of the companies we were investing. Additionally to this Stock Screener only based method, we add the fact to pick up just 5 stocks. That is not a good diversification especially when 2 out them went bankrupt and their values became almost 0. The lesson here is: do not believe only in stock screeners, independently by the analyzed parameters and Never forget to diversify!!

We are closing down these two funds and we will keep with the others 3 funds: Dynamics, Stock Picker and Prudent ones.

Kind regards


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Portfolio overview February

Posted by ralemanno on February 17, 2011

The actual snapshot of our 5 portfolios’ performances:


Visit our portfolios’ pages for the new compositions we decided accorting to 2011 economic growth forecasts: ETF portfolios and Equity portfolios.

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Index survey

Posted by ralemanno on January 19, 2011

Inflation fear has beaten down Indian indexes. Growing energy-linked commodities prices has fueld Russian index. Turkey sees à lack of foreign investments flows during last weeks and its market seems to be out of steam, however its 10x P/E ration compared to its growing rate and its strategically position between Europe and Mille East/Asia are key factors for us that can justify and investment in this country.

Our general view on these markets, as well as for Germany and Brazil, stays bullish for the long term thanks to the strong growing pace indicated by the International Monetary Fund as well as World Bank and other major institutions.

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Goodbye 2010

Posted by ralemanno on December 30, 2010

Last update for the 2010.

We close this year of Abundantia with some mixed results as you can see into our monthly report. All our portfolios are positive and with a good overall return.

Our Aggressive and our Dynamic portfolios have underperformed their benchmark since their creation. A short term negative result, but we stay confident in our macro strategy and we keep looking positively for 2011.

Our two stock picking portfolios have greatly outperformed the benchmarks by far, this is a confirm of our good stock picking process and criteria.

Abundantia wishes a Great 2011 to everyone, hoping to obtain great performances on the markets!!

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Portfolio overview

Posted by ralemanno on November 22, 2010

The Abundantia’s portfolio overview as on 18th November:

Great performances for our stock picking techniques. After one year of trading our Prudent portfolio has shown great results comparet to classical 10-years Bond investments.

Our Aggressive ETF portfolios is still disappointing compared to World indexes, paying the errors in the market-timing at the beginning of our trading.

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November Index overview

Posted by ralemanno on November 22, 2010

In November major indexes have shown a pull back from the recent high levels. This was the consequence of ‘monetary war’ and PIIGS new debt-linked health problems.

The actual global picture for the major indexes is the following one:

China is the center of the monetary war and this can cause some further issues and tensions in future months.

Our Aggressive portfolio is Long in Russia, Brazil, Turkey, India and Gulf’s countries (especially Qatar).

Germany is still the most interesting market in europe since the low risk linked to debt and the higher pace of internal growth.

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October P/E Index overview

Posted by ralemanno on October 7, 2010

IFM has recently raised some new warnings concerning global economic recovery, as you can see on this IMF report here. In 2011 almost all countries will have a lower growth rate than the one shown in 2010, with a faible rate of job creation, especially in developed countries.

We have updated our monthly survey regarding the major World indexes in order to spot intersting arbitrage opportunities. In the following table you can see the P/E ratios of the indexes compared to their home-countries forecasted growth rates:

We can appreciate that for what concern the main developed economies, the Germany’s DAX index is the one representing a major interest. Additionally to the major growth rate, we all know that Germany is, between the western countries, the one with the best approach to souverain debt ratio control. DAX will keep be present in our portfolios. US are growing slowlier thant Germany and their main indexes are sligtly more expensive that DAX.

Accross the developing countries,  we can see that China is actually cheaper than India, and that Turkey and Russia represents great bargains.

Taking into account these informations and considering today’s holdings, the next move for Abundantia Aggressive will be to leverage some funds and invest them into Russia and China.

As a last hint: if someone reading this post has the possibility to directly invest into Mongolia or Turkmenistan it could be a good move to make some investments over there. According to IMF growth figures for the next 5 years it seems existing an huge upside potential in these countries where investments are still into an embrional stage.

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